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Quintender LS

2009 16.2 La Silla Gelding

Quinn is looking for his next step down job and person to teach. Currently ridden and owned by a 12yr old old, he helped take her from the .80s-1.10s. Puppy dog personality, auto changes, brave, takes a joke, and perfect ground manners. Will tote around your non-horsey family member one day, and go out and win the next. Definite kick ride on the flat but does have his own motor when jumping. Would be perfect for a competitive child, junior, or amateur wanting to learn the ropes of the jumper ring, or someone looking to win at the .65-1.10m level. Extensive USEF record.

Priced in the mid-fives 

USEF 5397984

1m jump school with junior 

WEC 1.10 classic

.90 WEC power and speed

Low Children's at ESP Summer Series

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