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 Horse Club Sales

Specializing in top quality show jumpers for competition, investment, and resale.


Starting the process of buying or selling a horse can be both exciting and overwhelming.


Our dedicated Horse Club Sales team combines expertise, transparency, and a passion for horses to guide both buyers and sellers through a seamless and rewarding experience. From competitive show partners to leisurely companions, we match you with horses that will excel in the arena and bring happiness to your everyday life.


Whether you're a rider seeking a new partner, an individual seeking the right buyer, or an investor looking to expand your portfolio, our horse acquisition and sales services are designed with your success in mind. 

Contact us today to explore our current selection or begin your search for the perfect equine match.


Your journey starts here.


For Sale 


Here is our current selection of quality horses offered for sale or lease. 

Age: 2017 | Gender: Gelding | Breed: Holsteiner

Height: 17.2 | Option: For Sale

Price | Low Sixes 


Age: 2009 | Gender: Gelding | Breed: La Silla 

Height: 16.2 | Option: For Sale or Lease

Price | Mid Fives

Quintender LS

Age: 2012 | Gender: Mare | Breed: Hanoverian 

Height: 16.1 | Option: For Sale

Price | Low-Mid Fives

Water Lilly

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Don't see what you are looking for? If you have a specific vision in mind that isn't met by our current selection, we're here to assist.

Our extensive network and frequent European travels empower us to source horses tailored to your requirements.


Let us be your partner in the search for your new equine companion.

Horse Club Sales Alumni 

I'm so happy with how far Cromo and I have come. It took some time to get used to each other but all the hard work paid off! In less than 6 months he took me from schooling 2'3" to schooling 1.20 and from competing in the .80s to competing in the Low Children's. He even carried me over my first 1.30. I can't wait to see where we go together. 

Perfect Van Den Heuvel, or “Parlay”, was imported exactly a year ago and has introduced me to the world of jumpers. I love him most for his try, he has a heart of gold and always enters the arena with an eager attitude towards training. You can’t instill a good mind in horses, they either come with it or they don’t, and he definitely has it. My goal is to bring out the best of him and what’s he’s capable of - and in return he is teaching me! I cannot thank Cris enough for all he did to introduce this horse to my life!

Smudge is one of loviest and most honest horses i’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. I’ve had him for almost 2 years and he has taught me more than i could’ve imagined. We have come so far as a team moving from showing 3ft to 1.15 and moving up again soon! He is my best friend and the best partner I could ask for thanks to Horse Club!

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